Bears Available!!

Looking For Enthusiastic Owners

Bears #54 Pooh, #47 Chance, #64 Bongo and #66 Brandy Bear are looking for new custodians.

The SF Bay Bear Boat Association is looking for a few excellent owners who:

1) Love wooden boats
2) Enjoy sailing San Francisco Bay
3) Are interested in racing this sure-footed, forgiving and fun sloop.

The Bear was designed for the Bay, and can handle the breezes and strong current dished out by Mother Nature all summer out here. When other sailors are heading in for the day, the Bears have perfect wind for a good race! The combination of the Bear’s strong sailing qualities and classic looks, along with a passionate group of owners who enjoy both cruising and racing make it an excellent choice to own in the Bay area.

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The Nunes Bear

"The Bear Class Sloop is a living piece of San Francisco Bay’s maritime history. Conceived by Ernest Nunes and Marty Martinson, the first keel was laid late in 1931 by the Nunes Boat and Ways Company, Sausalito, California. By the summer 1932, the new boat was ready for its first sea trial. On lookers reported that Commodore Cliff Smith of the San Francisco Yacht Club praised the effort, telling young Ernest Nunes, "That is a bear of boat." The name stuck and a unique class, indigenous to San Francisco Bay, was born."

By the late 1950s enthusiastic owners, competitive racing, and adventurous sure-footed sailing craft made the Bears the largest one-design class on San Francisco Bay. Never having achieved mass production, the Bear Class was truly home grown as new boats were added to the fleet by an assortment of professional and amateur builders. Active and highly competitive racing continued through the 1960s with as many as 65 boats in the fleet.

Bears Today

Starting in 2009, a core group of enthusiastic Bear Boat owners started to re-acquaint the greater San Francisco Bay sailing community with these wonderful little yachts. Near term efforts were focused on getting the boats out in sufficient numbers to sail, race and reinvigorate the Bear Boat Association.

Six boats are racing in this year’s Bear season (The St. Francis Woodies Regatta and the Sausalito Yacht Club Classic Invitational) and six boats have been rescued by active owners in the past several years.

The San Francisco Bay Bear Boat Association celebrated the 80th birthday of the launching of #1 Merry Bear in 2012. The SFBBA is active today, organizing racing and social events throughout the year.

Bear Activities

The Association calendar consists of:

A Season Championship weekend racing series. The season runs from April through September, with no racing in July. Racing is held on approximately 10 weekends with 2 races per weekend at different courses throughout the Bay.

The Master Mariners Benevolent Association Regatta raced every Memorial Day Weekend. The Bears are the first start of the Regatta, along with the San Francisco Maritime Museum Scow Schooner “Alma”.

The St. Francis Woodies Invitational, raced over the first weekend in June, held off the St. Francis Yacht Club (St. FYC), on the SF “City Front” race course.

The San Francisco Yacht Club Fall Classic, raced in September or October, for the Bear Boat Association Perpetual Trophy.

Social events include our post-season Awards Dinner, informal sail-ins, and work parties.

Bears For Sale or In Need

There are always Bears looking for new enthusiastic owners and others looking for rescue.

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The Trust

The Bear Boat TRUST is a more than ten year old non-profit charitible corporation whose purpose is the rescue, renovation, and relocation to a good home of Bear Boats. This missionary work costs money, and the TRUST is where it comes from. The TRUST loves to receive your financial contributions as well as your contributions of gear and other stuff which is salable for profits which then goes to the TRUST to support Bear Boats temporarily without a home. These contributions are currently not tax deductible. Please give a lot and give often!! You can donate to the TRUST by contacting the Bear Association Treasurer.

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