About the Bear Class

Dear Bear Boat Owners and Enthusiasts: A few of your fellow owners have taken the initiative to start updating the Bear Boat web page to increase our ability network and sustain the magic of and our enthusiasm for the Nunes Bear Boats.

This is an all-volunteer effort. We invite you to join us by contributing information to us for the various components of the page. We think that most information that's in your or other enthusiasts' hands will find a place to be posted within the various components shown on the table of contents; however we invite you to also suggest improvements to the page as it develops. Please take the time to visit your own files and personal memory to develop a list of the items and materials, which can be contributed to the page.

Our webmaster can receive the material either electronically or in hard copy. Any originals you provide us will be returned. Our principal focus at this time is the update of the registry of boats and owners. However, we are in the process of re-formatting the material we already have, and making the page more easy to update and navigate. Thank you for joining us in this effort. We hope that you and other owners share our interest and pleasure in owning and appreciating Bear Boats. We look forward to sustaining this enthusiasm for a long time to come.

Russell Katz, Webmaster

1748 Ledgewood Dr.
San Jose, CA 95124