Hull #8, POLA BEAR

This is hull#8, called POLA BEAR, built in 1938 by Nunes Brothers in Sausilito. A "quick and dirty" bottom job to stabilize things until a proper effort can be mounted next season.  We found it necessary to install 24 sisters!!! Not bad for 72 years old!!!.

Captain Steve

Pola Bear on the Bay

#8, POLA, at home in her Berkeley Marina berth, anticipating another day of sailing

In the midst of a gybe. In the background is a familiar landmark, the underside and windward side of which we examined on the first day POLA was put under sail. We missed the start of the Master Mariners Regatta by one hour because the mast hadn't been stepped as of 6 am that morning. Seems the "help" overslept. Oh well, the sailing is the thing; so we took a tour of the Bay.

More gybing and running

POLA on a starboard reach heading for the marina after a few hours scooting between Berkeley and Angel Island.. Another familiar landmark in the background.

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