Hull #8, POLA BEAR

POLA, Under Construction 1937 to 1939

J.A. Vincent built what he called a "shack" from wood and windows scavenged from a dismantled SanteFe Railroad building in Richmond. As a lifelong Richmond resident and boatbuilder from his boyhood years Mr. Vincent became a Chevron engineer after this boyhood of sailing his own boats along with his brother and friends.

These photos are courtesy of J. Vincent, taken from his scrapbook. They chronicle the build, launch and sailing of POLA, Bear Boat hull #8. Mr. Vincent tells us that this hull was the first built from the Nunes Brothers plans but not built at their yard, the Great Depression having caused people with a love of sailing and boats to forego the expense of a yard build boat while the yard still realized some income from the utilization of their plans. The opportunity for anyone to purchase plans in 1937 set the stage for the building of 69 boats, the largest One-Design fleet in S.F. Bay for many years. (See J. Vincent's Story on "Historical Growth of the Bear Class")

In the '30s owning a camera was a luxury, not the commonplace, off the shelf occasion it is today. So, these photos are rare in the fact that they even exist at all. What is more remarkable is that they were taken by a good friend of POLA's builder, John Vincent. This good friend just happened to be a protege of Ansel Adams!

Fall 1937
Spring 1939

Launch Date June 1939
"Ferry Point Yacht Works"

July 1939

This photo was taken of POLA shortly after her launch in 1939. J. Vincent tells us that the mast was painted SantaFe yellow from the jumpers to the masthead. The current owner, Steve Barber, will be returning the mast to it's original color scheme in the Fall of 2000.

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