Hull #8, POLA BEAR

POLA's Trophies

During the time he owned her John Vincent, builder of POLA, campaigned his Bear boat vigorously. As a consequence of a recent personal visit to the Vincent home to interview Mr. Vincent and Barbara about building POLA I was provided quite a treat. The Vincents have managed to save a small portion of the trophies John and POLA acquired during the forties. Many others have gone the way of whatever happens to misplaced or displaced treasures: the attic? the garage? the storage unit? the inadvertent toss in the trash? They shared these trophies, bronze plaques really, with me, and I begged to be allowed to borrow them long enough to take some photos.

It just so happened that I had hauled out POLA to reef and pay the seams (July 18 to August 4 in the Berkeley Marine Center boatyard); so I posed the plaques with POLA.

These photos represent what's left of a much larger collection. After scanning and posting to the site I hope that you can still read the inscriptions. Just in case you can't here is a list of them:

  • Corinthian Yacht Club, May 1941, 3d place
  • Wm. Randolph Hearst's SF Examiner Regatta, 1946
  • Richmond Yacht Club, Tri Island Race, 1940, 3nd place

  • Berkeley Yacht Club, 1948, 2nd place, Bear Class
  • Berkeley Yacht Club, 1940, 2nd place, Bear Class
  • Richmond Yacht Club, 1945, 3nd place, Bear Class

  • Wm. Randolph Hearst's SF Examiner Regatta, 1944
  • Richmond Yacht Club, 1946, 4th place, Bears
  • St Francis Yacht Club, 1948, 2nd Place, Bear Class

  • Golden Gate Yacht Club, Regatta, 1948, 4th, Bear Class
  • Aeolian Yacht Club, Lightship Race, 1940, 3nd place
  • St Francis Yacht Club, St Francis Series, 1939, 2nd

  • St Francis yacht Club, 1940 Regatta, 1st, Bear Class
  • Richmond Yacht Club, 1940, 2nd place, Bear Class
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