Bear Facts Vol1, Number3 1977
Bear Facts Vol2, Number1 1978
Bear Facts Vol2, Number2 1978
Bear Facts Vol4, Number1 1980
Scans of Bear Class info from the 1966 Yachting Year Book of Northern California, courtesy of Jim Linderman
Jack Sutphen At the Spaulding Wood Boat Center 2006
2007 Master Mariners Regatta
Posted: 06/05/07
Bear Boat Sail Specifications
Posted: 12/19/03
The Bears an article by Barbara Vincent
Note: We are attempting to obtain a complete copy of this article. In the mean time, enjoy
Posted: 10/28/03
Seagull Maintenance and Repair 01/07/03
Relaunch of Merry Bear 11/02/02
Historical Growth of the Bear Class
by J. Vincent. 08/26/00
Bear Boats & Kettenburg P.C.'s in
Annual S.F.Y.C. Regatta, 1940
POLA #8 and her builder
Bears on the Bay

WoodenBoat 1983

WoodenBoat Magazine
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