Hull # Build Year Name Location Owner Contact Info Status Notes
1 1932 Merry Bear Building E Fort Mason S.F. Maritime Museum S.F. Maritime Museum Live
2 1939 La Ostia N/A N/A RIP Donated Ballast Keel to #69 Velarosa
3 1940 Teddy Bear N/A N/A RIP
4 1939 Tomboy N/A N/A Presumed RIP Presumed RIP Chris Ogilvie: Acquired by Karl Nelson in early 90's as derelict from Emeryville Marina, really far gone. Wanted to restore, but..... I think it was likely broken up when Nelson's moved their yard from Clement St to Alameda point.
5 1940 Threadbear N/A N/A RIP Broken up at Svendsens Eric Meuler
6 1939 Wiki N/A N/A Presumed RIP Presumed RIP Chris Ogilvie: Seriously lost for a long time. POSSIBLY sunk in the Alameda channel, East side around Fruitvale bridge. Saw a Bear type mast sticking out of the water for years?
7 1939 Honey Bear N/A Unknown Unknown
8 1939 Pola Berkeley Marina, O-105 Greg Blackburn Live
9 1939 Panda Berkeley Marina, J-104 Maloney Sibling Syndicate Live
10 1939 Circus Unknown Bob Jones Unknown Per June 2012: Bob Jones was failing when Greg (Owner of Calafia) last saw him. He doesnt know what happened to the boat.
11 1940 Cinnamon Unknown Unknown Unknown Hauled out of Berkeley Marina in 2014 by unknown party to be restored after sinking.
12 1940 Koala N/A Ansel Wettersten RIP Verified from Ansel broken up.
13 1940 Sugarfoot Coyote Point Marina David Sands Live
14 1939 Williwaw San Rafael Marina Julian Constantine Live
15 1940 Nancy Ann N/A N/A Presumed RIP Per Chris Ogilvie: Whereabouts unknown for decades now, in spite of serious effort to locate her by me and others
16 1940 Bearcat N/A Wooden Boat Magazine RIP
17 1940 Huck Finn Richmond Yacht Harbor Margie Siegal Live
18 1940 Nimble N/A N/A RIP
19 1941 Bear Bottom Alameda Martin Flaherty Live Notes from Margie Siegal (June 2012): Martin Flaherty still owns the boat. It is berthed in Alameda. Martin feels it is in fragile condition and doesnt want to take it out of the Alameda Estuary.
20 1941 Trigger Napa Valley Marina Karl Joost Live
21 1941 Bonnie N/A N/A N/A Presumed RIP Per Chris Ogilvie: I think this is the Bear I saw on the hard at a storage yard next to 101 in Greenbrea around 1992. Deemed too far gone.
22 1941 Goldilocks Cass Gidley Marina Cass Gidley Marina N/A RIP Cut up in late 2015 after sinking in her slip.
23 1942 Grizzly Bear N/A N/A N/A RIP Per Bear Facts 1977, Volume 1, and Bear Facts #2, #23 Grizzly was wrecked on a beach north of Santa Cruz.
24 1942 Frolic Sausalito Marina Plaza Dan Porter Live
25 1944 Nanook N/A N/A N/A Presumed RIP Per Chris Ogilvie: Seriously lost, never heard ANYTHING about her.
26 1945 Scalawag N/A N/A N/A Presumed RIP In Reply to: a Bear Boat in Emeryville Marina gets cruched posted by steve Barber on February 12, 2000: The boat was #26 Scalawag. It was the first Bear to be launched after the WWII , and was raced for two or three years in the late 40's by the sailmaker Pete Sutter. The boat was cruised until the early 70's by the next owners, and then was bought and raced again until 1978. That owner started racing the boat but went on to the Santa Cruz 27 class before the first years end. From there the "Scalawag" went through two or three owners and wound up as a derelict up the river somewhere. How she got to Emeryville, and why no one was able to save her is unknown.
27 1946 Godiva Berkeley Marina, O Dock David Katz N/A Live
28 1946 Bandersnatch N/A N/A N/A RIP Per Chris Ogilivie: Taken out of water to be restored by Willie Dommen. Confirmed broken up in 2015. Cotton(!) sails donated from the boat to the SFBBBA.
29 1946 Smokey Clipper Yacht Harbor #1, Slip #20 Steve Robertson Live
30 1946 Classic Unk N/A N/A Unknown
31 1946 Golden Bear N/A N/A N/A Presumed RIP Per Chris Ogilivie: Gone from the Registry, might be wrong about this one. Could be a Bear I saw at Gashouse Cove in '90's.
32 1946 Little Dipper Berkeley Marina O-107 Alejandro Dorazio N/A Live
33 1946 Oski Mission Creek, SF N/A RIP Cut up in 2016.
34 1946 Nip Moss Landing Tori & Geoff Buckles Live Acquired in 2016
35 1946 Renegade Sausalito Yacht Harbor E333 Russell Katz Renegade Owners Live Sailed singlehanded to Sea of Cortez by David Bacon in 1982.
36 1946 Java Bear N/A Robert Karn N/A RIP Confirmed cut-up by ex-brother-in-law of Robert Karn by Robert Karn email 6/8/2012.
37 1947 Root Bear Vallejo Marina Patti Tipton Live Feb-2012, hull #37, named Root Bear, was acquired by Patti A Tipton, granddaughter of Ernie Nunes, from Napa Valley Marina and was restored by Bruce Martens at the Napa Valley Marina. In 1966, hull #37, then named Baracuda, was owned by William P. Rus, a construction engineer who transformed the Bay Area with projects such as the building of the Marin shipyard in Sausalito in 1942 and by serving as chief engineer on the major expansion project of Hetch Hetchy aqueduct of SF.
38 1947 Dubhe Berkeley Marina, M250 Gene Anthony Unknown #40 Minn's keel removed for #38 which lost its keel in early 1990's
39 1947 Good News N/A N/A N/A RIP
40 1947 Minn N/A N/A N/A RIP Per Chris Ogilvie: Salvaged in early '90's by owner of #28 Willie Dommen as derelict, but parts source for other boats. Keel removed for #38 "Dubhe" which lost its keel
41 1948 Ginger Unknown Unknown Unknown
42 1949 Shaggy Unknown Unknown Unknown
43 1949 Bearoness San Mateo David Sands RIP Too much rot. Broken up by David in 2010.
44 1949 Ursa Robert Karn Live 2012 - Verified Still owned by Robert Karn by Steve Flynn. In very sad shape and in need of rescue.
45 1948 Orsabella Unknown Unknown Unknown
46 1949 Yogi Unknown Greg Goodman Unknown
47 1949 Chance Berkeley Marina O-101 Stephen Clifford Live
48 1949 Cirrus Berkeley Marina, J202 Christoph W.F. Ogilvie Live
49 1949 Fuzzy Northwest Martime Center, Port Townsend, WA John and Aime Palmer N/A In Restoration
50 1949 Cub Unknown Unknown Unknown
51 1950 Papa X X X RIP Per Chris Ogilvie: Listed in Bear History file (Bear website The Record History list) as RIP. Not sure, but this could be the Bear where the keel remained at Richert (sp?) equipment yard in Richmond for many years.
52 1950 Juno Berkeley Marine Center Berkeley Marine Center N/A Live At BMC docks in rough shape looking for a rescuer.
53 1950 Friski Nelsons Boat Yard Blane Adams Presumed RIP Per Chris Ogilivie: Sad tale - Wrecked on maiden sail by new owner at Berkeley Marina breakwater. Hauled out to be repaired, put in shed at the old Nelsons location on Clement St Alameda. Received new frames and planks! Then just sat there. Shed is now empty and partialy burned. Slim chance she was moved somewhere else.
54 1950 Pooh Bear Richmond Yacht Club Bob Roche N/A Live Spotted by Peter Miller sailing to KKMI for haulout, Jan 2 2012.
55 1950 Louie Louie Unknown Steve Najjar Unknown
56 1953 Watah Bear RIP N/A N/A RIP Verified by Peter Miller in April 2010 with last owner. Sails purchased and used by #65 Magic and #9 Panda.
57 1953 Camembert Clipper Yacht Harbor #1 Todd Greenberg Live
58 1954 Scamper Unknown Jim Berry Unknown
59 1956 Puff Clipper Yacht Harbor #2 David Sandry N/A Live
60 1956 Unbearable Richardson Bay Boatworks Graham Wheelock N/A In Restoration #60 Saved from Sausalito Yacht Harbor by Bill Hansen in 2009. Now undergoing excellent restoration by Graham.
61 1955 Calafia Unknown Greg Goodman Unknown Per Margie Siegal (June 2012):Greg sold the boat, then got it back after it sunk. He cleaned it up, but caught a bug from the Stockton river mud and was sick for months. He then sold the boat, and doesnt know where it is
62 1956 Trixie Unknown Richard Merz Unknown
63 1956 Black Bear N/A N/A N/A RIP Cut up by Fortman Marina harbormaster after keel fell off in late 2012.
64 1958 Bongo N/A SFBBBA N/A Live
65 1961 Magic Sausalito Yacht Harbor E242 Thomas Maloney & Sons Live
66 1958 Brandy
Santa Cruz Marine
575 7th Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Jerry Ritchie Live The Bear is in a yard on 7th Ave in Santa Cruz near the intersection on 7th and Murray not far from the harbor. The yard is behind the Harbor Cafe on 7th.
67 1966 Pandamonium N/A N/A N/A RIP
68 1975 Kodiak Berkeley Marina O-103 Kevin Miller & Joshua Ott Live
69 1976 Velarosa

Berkeley Marina


Hans Hansen & Mark Harrts Live